[ad_1] #453 — August 12, 2020 Web Version Frontend Focus ?? Mozilla Laying Off 250 Employees — Sad news from the folks behind Firefox — they’ve laid off a quarter of their entire workforce, which reportedly includes both the DevTools and MDN teams. A troubling and unfavourable sign for the future of a diverse web. There’s… Read More

[ad_1] #452 — August 5, 2020 Web Version Frontend Focus Getting the Most Out of Variable Fonts on Google Fonts — A detailed primer on how variable fonts work, why they matter, and how to use them from someone who has spent the past few years working on one (Recursive Sans & Mono). Stephan Nixon Can… Read More

[ad_1] #451 — July 29, 2020 Web Version Frontend Focus Designing Adaptive Components, Beyond Responsive Breakpoints — Thoughts on designing systems of reusable components that adapt to responsive layouts, containers, work with different content states and adapt to user needs, behaviour and context. Stéphanie Walter A New Beta Version of ‘Can I Use’ — Can I Use is… Read More

[ad_1] #450 — July 22, 2020 Web Version Frontend Focus The State of ‘Pixel Perfection’ — I don’t really hear the term “pixel perfection” as much as I used to, but the author says it still pops up enough. Here, he compares what this phrase really means today versus what it used to, and suggests how… Read More

[ad_1] #449 — July 15, 2020 Web Version Frontend Focus The Cicada Principle, Revisited with CSS Variables — The Cicada Principle is the idea that when creating repetitive patterns, backgrounds, etc. using prime numbers can increase the appearance of organic randomness. Lea shows how she used a modern approach to this idea to format her code… Read More

[ad_1] #448 — July 8, 2020 Web Version Frontend Focus New in Chrome: A ‘CSS Overview’ Tab — This new experimental feature in Chrome looks really neat. It provides an overview of the CSS on a site, detailing colors, fonts, media queries and unused declarations. Robin Rendle What’s New in CSS – July 2020 Edition — Rachel… Read More

[ad_1] #446 — June 24, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Safari 14 Beta Release Notes — Revealed at this week’s WWDC, Safari 14 will ship alongside iOS 14 & macOS 11 later this year. Here are the headlines: Adds support for WebP images and HDR video playback; Support for HTTP/3; Ditches Flash; Will… Read More

[ad_1] #445 — June 17, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Bootstrap 5 Alpha Released — It’s early days but the first useful glimpse of Bootstrap 5 is here, including a new logo. Bootstrap continues to be a very popular CSS framework, not least because it keeps taking useful steps forward. v5 drops jQuery,… Read More

[ad_1] #444 — June 10, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Current browser support for ‘is()’ via caniuse.com CSS :is() and :where() Are Coming to Browsers — Šime Vidas explains how these new CSS pseudo-classes can be used (for reducing repetition, and keeping specificity low respectively). Web Platform News The Complete Guide to CSS Media… Read More