We have released WordPress 5.0 package. We have also added a new branch for WordPress 4.9.x so if you are not yet comfortable with installation 5.0 you can install 4.9.8 Let’s see what happens to your WordPress installs with this new version. Auto Update (Minor Version) Softaculous supports auto update for major as well as… Read More

#369 — December 5, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus A Look At CSS Resets in 2018 — A review of CSS reset options (to cancel out the default styles browsers apply to HTML) and how they try to strike a balance between correcting user-agent styling ‘errors’, removing opinionated styling, and staying as consistent… Read More

#368 — November 28, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus An Extensive Guide to Progressive Web Applications — Progressive Web Apps (also known as PWAs) use modern Web technologies to provide powerful, app-like experiences in the browser. This post acts as a sort of primer to the whole concept and what those technologies are… Read More

#367 — November 21, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus The Power of Web Components — ‘Web Components’ is a set of standards to enable user-defined HTML elements. This is a very accessible tutorial that looks at the state of play and how to create your own components with HTML and JavaScript. Potch (Mozilla… Read More

#366 — November 14, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus web.dev: New Interactive Web Performance Docs from Google — A new site that aims to bring together all of the Web performance expertise Google has as a set of docs packed with actionable guidance and analysis. The Measure tool also provides a neat audit… Read More

#365 — November 7, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus A 101 Course on Crafting 404 Pages — Here’s why making an effort with a 404 page could better your site’s chances of people coming back despite the inconvenience, and how to track those errors to reduce how often people see it. Shelby Rogers… Read More

#364 — October 31, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Splicing HTML’s DNA With CSS Attribute Selectors — Even confident CSS developers often seem to steer away from attribute selectors. This excellent primer introduces how they work, plus some interesting use cases. John Rhea Google Releases reCAPTCHA V3: The New Way to Stop Bots… Read More

#363 — October 24, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus WebAssembly’s Post-MVP Future: A Cartoon Skill Tree — This is a fantastically accessible guide to understanding where WebAssembly fits into the big picture, what’s yet to come, and what impact WebAssembly could have on both the Web and related areas like IoT and Node.js.… Read More

#362 — October 17, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Rhythm in Web Typography — Horizontal rhythm mostly impacts the legibility, while vertical rhythm impacts the readability of the text and establishes a sense of visual hierarchy. Matej Latin Smart Bundling: How To Serve Legacy Code Only To Legacy Browsers — More browsers than… Read More

#361 — October 10, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Start Performance Budgeting — A review of performance budgeting, the metrics to track, trade-offs to consider, plus budget examples. “For success, embrace performance budgets and learn to live within them..” Addy Osmani Custom Elements Now ‘In Development’ on Microsoft Edge — Not a lot… Read More