#409 — September 18, 2019 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Machine Learning For Frontend Developers With Tensorflow — Charlie Gerard covers how to get started with machine learning using JavaScript and frameworks like Tensorflow.js, and highlights some of the limits of using machine learning in the frontend. Smashing Magazine (Why) Some HTML is “Optional” —… Read More

Pagelayer – the new easy to use website and page builder for WordPress announced on the 17th of September, 2019 that it has achieved a new milestone of reaching 100,000+ Active WordPress installs : https://pagelayer.com/blog/pagelayer-reaches-100000-active-wordpress-users/ Pagelayer has been growing steadily and new features are being introduced really fast. The new version Pagelayer 0.9.9 was launched… Read More

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The Pagelayer team has released version 0.9.8.This version has many UI and UX improvements for the Pagelayer Editor.The following is a list of changes : [Task] In the editor, improved the widget border colors for better user experience [Task] Improved the right click options UI and added icons [Task] The widget left bar has been… Read More

Pagelayer, the new and website builder software has now achieved a new milestone of 80000+ active wordpress installs :https://wordpress.org/plugins/pagelayer/advanced/ Pagelayer has been growing steadily and new features are being introduced really fast. Pagelayer has managed to jump from 70K installs to 80K installs in just a weeks time. Pagelayer is being used by many theme… Read More