The ‘One Dev Question with Raymond Chen’ video series is part of the One Dev Minute channel. In this series, longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official Windows historian Raymond Chen covers a series of questions about Microsoft Windows development, team culture, and/or history. If you have additional questions for Raymond, please add your questions in

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If you’re a UWP Dev, this is something you’ll want to get… now. As in now, now… Go! Introducing the UWP Community Toolkit Recently, we released the Windows Anniversary Update and a new Windows Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Windows 10 containing tools, app templates, platform controls, Windows Runtime APIs, emulators and much more, to

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Read this e-mail on the Web FrontEnd Focus formerly HTML5 Weekly A Case Study on Boosting Front-End Performance CSS Tricks Declan Rek shares real-world advice on boosting front-end performance from static site generation and the picture element to lazy loading CSS and caching. A 40 Minute Deep Dive Into the IFRAME Element Peter van der

Read More This lengthy episode contains a ton of good information about IoT in general, about Azure IoT and the services that it brings this category of computing, and finally about a number of starter kits designed and built for Azure IoT that you can use to get you building connected devices very quickly. I doubt

Read More It’s a pleasure to welcome Anthony Van Gemert to the Data Exposed show today. Today’s show is a real treat as Anthony, a PM in the SQL Server engineering team, spends the entire show in 1 awesome demo showcasing the fantastic SQL Server 2016 features of StretchDB, Temporal, and Always Encrypted. No slides and

Read More CSS Transitions allow you to animate CSS properties from one value to another. Learn how you can use this feature to make your web UIs more engaging and fun. For more info, go to Source link

Read More Cognitive Services and the Bot Framework are two new exciting technologies that Microsoft is offering to devs; in this chat Erica talks about how she combined the two to create a bot that can help you monitor all the exciting events at the Olympics. Important links: London 2012 Olympian Erica Wu destroys me at

Read More Managing your Linux servers across the public cloud and private cloud can be challenging and complex. In this session, you’ll learn how Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) integrates with your existing Linux or Windows-based management tools to provide a unified view across your entire environment. In this session you will learn how OMS customers:

Read More If you’ve ever wanted to build a highly responsive app that leverages a real-time communications library, then SignalR is for you! Real-time Web functionality is the ability to have the server push messaging aggressively to the client, rather than relying on the client to make multiple and frequent requests. SignalR is a set of

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