Hacking Wii Nunchuk’s to connect them to HoloLens virtual objects, how cool is that!

HoloControl: Use real buttons on Wii Nunchuk to control virtual objects

Click controller and air-tap gesture was not enough for me, so I connected Wii Nunchuk buttons to HoloLens over Bluetooth.


HoloLens input device based on Wii Nunchuk controller.

  • Adds two buttons and joystick functionality
  • Wireless connection over Bluetooth
  • Low latency, reaction time < 1/20 second
  • Easy to use in Unity, no external dependencies


  • Arduino board reads button state from nunchuk over I2C protocol.
  • Arduno translates key press events in USB HID codes and sends them to EZ-Key board over serial interface.
  • Bluefruit EZ-Key board appears like an external keyboard in the list of available Bluetooth devices on the HoloLens.
  • Standard Bluetooth pairing, no PIN required. If something goes wrong there is Pair button on the EZ-Key board to restart the connection.
  • For Unity scripts the HoloControler looks like normal key press events coming from a keyboard.



Project Information URL: https://forums.hololens.com/discussion/2828/holocontrol-use-real-buttons-on-wii-nunchuk-to-control-virtual-objects

Project Source URL: https://github.com/cazacov/HoloControl

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