Why we need a trustworthy internet | Future Decoded 2015 UK


We put trust in technology every day – from a simple start-the-day appliance like the coffee machine through to the car, the train, the plane that take us to our destinations and the underlying complex network of systems that deliver life’s essential services like electricity and water. We place trust in technology and we’re right to be concerned if we see things go awry. We’re right to whistle-blow and say “Hey! You’re not doing that right!” But does that apply at the internet scale? What about concerns about the internet of things and the potential misuse of data by corporations and governments? Does this draw interest beyond stories about adultery websites being hacked? Security veteran Graham Cluley examines the risks associated with the internet of things, and the ways in which big data can both make our lives better and be abused, and gives a rallying cry for software engineers to put security and privacy at the very centre of their code.


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