What's New with Azure DocumentDB Since GA


This week Scott welcomes back to the Data Exposed show his good friend Ryan CrawCour. Last time Ryan was on the show was for the announcement that DocumentDB had GA’d, and we celebrated with the GA Happy Dance. No dancing today, but it is great to have Ryan back, this time to discuss what’s new in DocumentDB since Ryan was last on the show.

True to form, Ryan spend the first minute or two simply talking about what DocumentDB is, for all those who might have been living in a cave the past 12-18 months. Ryan then spends the next few minutes talking about the updates to the service consumption regarding the service tiers and the granularity of billing.

From there Ryan gets into the good stuff, first discussing the awesome new features they have been working on over the last few months, including support for Geospatial, query enhancements, new data migration tools, and so much more.

We then spend the remaining time watching Ryan in all is demo glory, showing us the ability to import JSON documents into DocumentDB using the new DocumentDB Data Migration Tool, new updates to the Azure Portal, as well as an awesome DocumentDB playground where you can play with all aspects of DocumentDB (querying, Geospatial, etc.). Ryan then shows us a killer Geospatial demo, and wraps up his demos by showing us the ID Based Routing enhancement in the DocumentDB SDK. Awesome stuff!

For more information on DocumentDB, visit: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/services/documentdb/


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