The Data Exposed show welcomes back Michael Rys, Principal PM in the Big Data group, to give us an update of U-SQL.

At the 1:25 mark Michael discusses some of the new features in U-SQL since the beginning of the year, including ACLs for files, folders, and databases. He also discusses performance and functionality improvements, such as file set improvements and the ability to reuse containers, both to increase performance, as well as new statement support including IF THEN ELSE, SkipFirstNRows, DECLARE CONST and DECLARE EXTERNAL, and also support for Sampling, and much more including support for local debugging!

Michael shows off a number of demos to showcase many of these new features which is sure to blow your mind!

At the 20:04 mark Michael spends a few minutes discussing some features which are being deprecated or changed. In what might seem like a “good news / bad news” show, Michael explains why these changes or depreciated features really is good news.

If you are using U-SQL you will want to watch this show as these syntax changes will take affect very soon.

Great show and great demos by Michael!

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