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Issue 279 — March 1, 2017
Addy Osmani looks at tools and libraries Google has released to make building fast, modern webapps a reality, including Offline Google Analytics and sw-precache.
Addy Osmani

Sir Tim, the original creator of the Web, explains why the W3C should endorse the EME standard which allows web pages to include encrypted content.
Tim Berners-Lee

The W3C WebAssembly Community Group says the design of WebAssembly is complete enough that browsers can ship with it “on by default”. A new official WebAssembly logo has also been unveiled.

Frontend Masters

Write bullet-proof, easily maintainable web applications with Elm, the functional programming language that is transforming web application development!
Frontend Masters

You can often make your life easier by using :not(:last-of-type) rather than overriding with a separate :last-of-type rule.
Tim Smith

CSS Exclusions may look similar to CSS Shapes in that they can wrap content around an element. Technically, however, they serve a different purpose.
Louie Rootfield

A CodePen demo written by Goce Mitevski, which shows how to create seamlessly-faded background images with CSS gradient overlays.
Goce Mitevski

The guidelines cover a wide range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible, particularly to people with disabilities.
Joshue O Connor

WebGL 2.0 is shipping in Firefox and Chrome browsers and all WebGL implementers have declared intent to support it. Here’s a live demo of WebGL 2 functionality if you have a supporting browser.
The Khronos Group

A technical look at a now-resolved vulnerability where an auth token for Slack could be stolen across browser windows.
Frans Rosén

Safari 10.1 introduced the ‘Reduced Motion’ Media Query, a declaration that lets developers “create styles that avoid large areas of motion” for users that prefer that.
Eric Bailey

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In Brief

Google Discloses a ‘High Severity’ Bug in Edge and IE news
An as-yet unresolved vulnerability is now public after a 90 day non-disclosure period.
Ars Technica

RIP DMOZ: The Open Directory Project Is Closing news
Danny Sullivan

Mozilla and BrowserStack Offering Free Firefox on Android Testing news
Mozilla Hacks

[Whitepaper] The Future of JavaScript—2017 and Beyond 
2017 predictions for the key and rising JavaScript libraries and frameworks and JS’s New Frontiers in this whitepaper.
Progress  Sponsor

CSS Grid: Design Possibilities 
Looking at the design implications of CSS Grid.
Susan Robertson

The Unexpected Power of Viewport Units in CSS tutorial
Thomas Lattimore

Making The Most of the Chrome DevTools: A Few Lesser-Known Features tutorial

Scaling SVG Clipping Paths for CSS Use tutorial
Eric Meyer

How to Use Flexbox to Create A Modern Card Design Layout tutorial

More HTML5 Semantics: Changes to Existing Features tutorial
Louis Lazaris

Emscripten/HTML Integration Tips tutorial
“things I learned while adding a HTML UI to my 8-bit emulator”

Margin or Padding? Thoughts On When to Use Which opinion
Philipp Sporrer

Track errors in your apps with Sentry 
Sentry’s open-source error tracking tells you when your code breaks, without the need for bug reports.
Sentry  Sponsor

Box Alignment Cheatsheet tools
This cheatsheet compares alignment in CSS Grid Layout and Flexbox.
Rachel Andrew

A Collection of Resources for Learning CSS Grid tools
Jen Simmons

store.js 2.0: Cross-Browser Storage for All Use Cases code
2.0 is a full revamp with pluggable storage and extra functionality.
Marcus Westin

Omnitone: Spatial Audio on the Web code
An implementation of a FOA (first-order-ambisonic) decoder with binaural rendering using the Web Audio API.

Rough.js: Create Graphics with a Hand-Drawn, Sketchy Appearance code

Propeller: A Responsive Framework Based on Material Design Standards & Bootstrap code

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