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Issue 274 — January 25, 2017
Cody Lindley’s popular guide to the practice of front-end engineering, how to learn it, and what tools to use, has been updated for 2017.
Cody Lindley

A new value of the ‘display’ property called flow-root has shipped in Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly — Rachel takes a look at what it can do.
Rachel Andrew

An optimization to throttle background tabs’ timers will be included, but Samuel Reed has some concerns over things this could break.
Samuel Reed

npm, Inc.

npm’s the obvious choice for managing JavaScript dependencies, but when Ellie Mae built a web app, they needed to keep some code private. How? “Choose tools that work with the grain of how you want to work, and work with the grain of your tools…”
npm, Inc.

New WebKit features in 10.1 include CSS Grid support, the ability to specify CSS colors in wider color spaces, IndexedDB 2.0, and support for Fetch, a replacement for XMLHttpRequest.

A rundown of the new features in Firefox 51, a relatively substantial release feature-wise with WebGL 2, FLAC support, warning for non-secure logins, and more.

A controversial thought-piece on whether ‘non semantic CSS’ is always a bad thing. The author states: “I think “semantic CSS” is pretty much disconnected from today’s authoring workflows and goals.”
Thierry Koblentz

This step-by-step tutorial covers how to create a responsive email using MJML, a framework that abstracts away a lot of the HTML email cruft.
Nicolas Garnier

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In Brief

Google’s Progressive Web Apps Turn Mobile Sites Into Android Apps news
Chrome’s new Progressive Web Apps bridge the gap between a typical mobile site and a dedicated app, and they’ve just gone live on Android.
Adam Ismail

WebGL 2 Lands in Firefox news
WebGL 2 is based on OpenGL ES 3.0 and now available by default. Chrome 56, currently in beta, also supports it.
Mozilla Hacks

Best in Class UI Components for Angular Development – Kendo UI for Angular 
100% jQuery-free Angular components built from the ground-up which deliver the business app essential building blocks.
Progress  Sponsor

HTML5 Page Structure Basics tutorial
Louis Lazaris

A 5 Minute Intro to Styled Components tutorial
Sacha Greif

Fun Web Animation Effects with KUTE.js, a JS Animation Engine tutorial
Antonietta Perna

Balancing Text and Images with Flexbox tutorial
Dudley Storey

Animate to Different End States Using One Set of CSS Keyframes tutorial
Ana Tudor

Communicating Between Web Workers via MessageChannel tutorial
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Building a Simple Pie Chart in SVG tutorial
David Gilbertson

3 Ways to Create a Table With Borders Only On The Inside tutorial
CSS Tricks

A Simple Use of CSS Grid tutorial
A basic two column layout using Grid with a Flexbox fallback.
Tim Smith

Code-Splitting Your Way to Better Performance with Webpack video
A quick 6 minute conversation.
Google Chrome Developers

5 Web Trends for 2017 opinion
What’s coming with PWAs; the rising tide of functional reactive; looking beyond REST to GraphQL and Falcor; and more.
Allyson MacDonald

Best UX Practices for Long Scrolling Pages opinion
Nick Babich

Making Magic with WebSockets and CSS3 story
Hélio Dolores

How to find and fix the slowest code in your .NET application tools
Find bottlenecks in your code or database and boost performance with the new ANTS Performance Profiler 9. Try free.
Red Gate  Sponsor

Graaf: A Collection of Pure CSS Grid Overlays for Designing tools

Simple Electron App Samples code
Electron makes it easy to build cross platform apps with JS, HTML and CSS.

Quark: A Microscopic Atomic CSS Polyfill in 140 Bytes code
Classes like color-red fontSize-20 get translated to CSS automatically.
Tommy Hodgins

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