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FrontEnd Focus

formerly HTML5 Weekly

Google Developers
Chrome 54, now on the stable release channel, includes support for Custom Elements v1, the BroadcastChannel API, and an origin trial of foreign fetch.

Nolan Lawson
Nolan argues that the ‘HTML-first’ approach to progressive enhancement (i.e. without JS) fits a narrow view that may no longer be applicable to the modern web.

Catch up now on Polymer Summit 2016, including a look at how to upgrade to Polymer 2.0, an under the hood look at Polymer 2.0, and a fun live coding demo (yes, this is a fantastic session).

Frontend Masters  Sponsored
Brian Holt (Netflix) introduces you to React plus surrounding ecosystem including: Redux, React Router v4, Jest for testing, Webpack 2, Yarn and more.

Frontend Masters

A JavaScript implementation of the full HTML5 form validation and constraints API that replaces or polyfills the browser’s native methods.

Kevin Marks
“We should be able to build a baseline structure of text in a way that works for most users, regardless of their eyesight. So, as a physicist by training, I started looking for something measurable.”

Chris Brandrick
A quick look at some less popular browsers with unique approaches, such as Brave, Ulli, and Blisk.

Paul Kinlan
How to detect when a browser ‘autocomplete’ occurs so that the impact of autofill on forms can be measured. Paul argues that autocomplete is a net-positive for users and businesses.

CSS Tricks
How Eduardo Bouças built SpeedTracker, an open-source service that runs on top of WebPageTest to build up and visualize web page performance metrics over time.


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