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FrontEnd Focus

formerly HTML5 Weekly

Tim Severien
A look at HTML5 input elements, how each browser interprets them and what the best strategy is for using them in your web projects.

Telerik Developer Network
The transcript of a chat with web and mobile dev experts discussing whether the jQuery project is still useful for modern web development.

Abbey Fitzgerald
An overview of how CSS Feature Queries can be used to detect support for specific features on different browsers.

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Red Gate

Una Kravets
JavaScript is great, yet you can build so many functional UI components without it. Here’s a number of typical web components built with HTML and CSS/SCSS.

Advanced Web Ranking
This study looks at HTML usage data from 8M pages gathered from top Google results (for about 30M keywords, chosen by volume). An example: The average web page uses twenty-five different element types.

Estelle Weyl
A practical exploration of the native Web accessibility landscape with expert Estelle Weyl.

Christian Holst
The benefits of inline form validation are numerous when implemented correctly but many sites don’t use it or do it poorly. Lots of tips here.


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