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FrontEnd Focus

formerly HTML5 Weekly

Paul Irish
A simple graph based visualization of web platform feature support.

Peter-Paul Koch
Is web development a series of ‘hacks’? Peter-Paul argues “it’s a qualified No, and we need to understand what we should do in order to avoid a future Yes”.

Mike Riethmuller
A fantastic look at “some things you can do with SVG that you might not have seen, and perhaps not even considered possible.”

Forward Courses  Sponsored
Best practices for supporting web applications from a Front End Engineer’s perspective, including dealing with DNS, configuring your node server, and building a flexible deploy system in JavaScript.

Forward Courses

Harry Roberts
A 45 minute talk covering what CSS to refactor and when, and how to avoid regressions when adding new CSS.

Open to all, but aimed at beginners and educators, Thimble is a new online Web development interface.

Marko Dugonji?
A case study shaing some simple yet often overlooked front-end techniques that defer the use of JavaScript as much as possible.


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