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This isn’t new but a few recommendations in here surprised me (as well as people on Twitter) so you might find Google’s advice both useful and intriguing.

Telerik Developer Network
Annarita Tranfici discusses what has changed since HTML5 was originally released including new HTML elements and other features that are at risk as the spec evolves.

Rachel Andrew
A look at creating a login form that uses several alignment properties alongside CSS Grid Layout, enhancing a simpler version using feature queries.

BBC Internet Blog
The BBC’s Lloyd Wallis looks at the challenges the BBC has faced regarding HTML5 media playback as they move away from Flash.

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David Gilbertson
These are mostly simple tips but may uncover a few features you hadn’t got around to trying yet. ($0 was a handy one I didn’t know about.)

Google will be supporting modern CSS more thoroughly in Gmail by the end of the month.

Chris Coyier
Chris Coyier (of CSS Tricks) looks at ways to republish a WordPress blog to Apple News, Facebook’s Instant Articles and AMP.


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