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FrontEnd Focus

formerly HTML5 Weekly

Ahmad Shadeed
A ton of examples for taking relative units beyond just font sizing, including building an entire page of elements sized in %, em, and rem units.

Cosima Mielke
A look at nine tools you can hook up to Dropbox to streamline the process of creating and hosting static websites (particularly for prototypes).

Alex Russell
“A PWA is functionally defined by the technical properties that allow the browser to detect that the site meets certain criteria and is worthy of being added to the homescreen.”

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Richard Fink
It’s 2016, Rich Fink reminds us. Webfonts have blossomed (60% of the Alexa top 1 million sites use them). Surely no one would argue for a return to system fonts? Wrong.

Eric Bidelman
A library that uses the User Time API and measures things in your web app, annotates the DevTools timeline, and reports the results to Google Analytics.

Sarah Drasner
An in-depth dive into some of the technical details of using color on the web.

Rachel Andrew
We had CSS1, and CSS2. We even had CSS2.1 and we then moved onto CSS3 – or did we? This post is a quick explanation of how CSS is versioned today.

Uri Shaked
Into IoT and the Web? If you like playing with cutting edge, user-facing tech, you should check out Web Bluetooth.


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