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FrontEnd Focus

formerly HTML5 Weekly

Harry Roberts looks at some traditional software engineering paradigms and how we can steal, bend, borrow, and reimplement them when writing our CSS.

A simple ‘bouncing ball’ demo written using vanilla JS, jQuery, Greensock, the Web Animations API, P5.js, and Velocity so you can compare their different APIs.

10k Apart
Microsoft and An Event Apart have teamed up for a contest where your challenge is to create a compelling Web experience in just 10KB. You have until September 30th.

Niels Leenheer
A well-produced, illustration slidedeck packed with thoughts on designing Web experiences for “weird browsers”, such as those found on game consoles, fridges, smartwatches, and TVs.

Mozilla VR Blog
The WebVR API is a set of DOM interfaces that enable WebGL rendering into Virtual Reality headsets and access to the various sensors for orientation, positioning, and input controls.

Addy Osmani
A lot of useful links from Addy, plus some advice: “For URL addressable resources, use the Cache API. For all other data, use IndexedDB.”

Marcy Sutton
Five hands-on, bite-size videos that demonstrate various aspects of Web accessibility, including accessible forms, buttons, and semantic structure.


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