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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 244 — June 15, 2016
A look at the themes and trends for the popular Chrome DevTools going forward, including an improved ‘Device Mode’, source diffing, and live Sass editing.

Steve Faulkner
Originally, headings were meant to nest within sectioning elements, but in actual user agents, things haven’t worked out as originally intended.

jQuery Foundation
A slimmer, faster version of jQuery without all the old IE workarounds and taking advantage of modern browser APIs. There’s an upgrade guide and a script to help with migrations.

Frontend Masters  Sponsored
Create resolution-independent, scalable, complex animations for a myriad of use cases across the web with SVG.

Frontend Masters

Stuart Memo
A fun tutorial from browser-based musical mastermind Stuart Memo on tying up the Web Audio API and pointer location to recreate an early electronic instrument.

At WWDC, Apple announced its “Pay” system will become available on the Web, and Apple’s Edward O’Connor wonders if the existing Payment Request API could become compatible with it.

Juriy Zaytsev
Building on top of open source tools helped improve the quality of CSS at Facebook and set the stage for community-wide rules and guidelines.

Joseph Pecoraro
Web Inspector, as used in WebKit and Safari, now includes two new timelines for debugging a page’s memory usage.

Telerik Developer Network
Jared Faris discusses the most important new features in web standards, in particular JavaScript, that you should be watching carefully.


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