What to put in your ‘head’ tag, the Web Platform’s crisis, and what’s new in Bootstrap 4.
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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 243 — June 8, 2016

Recently I mentioned we’re rebranding HTML5 Weekly to reflect its general front-end focus and *drum roll*.. in July, HTML5 Weekly will become Frontend Focus. Thanks to everyone who suggested new names.

In other news, we’re running some workshops in London with JavaScript guru Kyle Simpson later this month, so if you want to do a 2 day intensive JS workshop, a 2 hour ES6 class, or a 2 hour functional JS class, register now 🙂

Josh Buchea
Starts from the usual basics (title, charset, etc.) but works up to a significant number of meta and link tags useful in various situations.

Peter Gasston
Alex Russell thinks the Web is in serious crisis due to the dominance of mobile platforms and research showing time spent using the Web is dropping.

Carol Skelly
Literally see what’s new in the next version of the popular front-end framework, including cards, font changes, a new XL grid tier, and tweaks to button styling.

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Mozilla Hacks
Error messages in the Firefox Developer Console will provide helpful links to associated documentation.

Harry Roberts
Parker is a CSS static analysis tool that provides insights into your stylesheets and their complexity.

An interesting introduction to the ‘physical Web’ from Google’s Leon Nicholls at Google I/O. “What if the real world behaved like the Web?” he asked.

New to Chrome 51, passive event listeners provide a major potential boost to scroll performance.


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