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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 242 — June 1, 2016
Shaun Bent
The CSS foundation of the BBC’s popular sports site is under 9kb. This in-depth review looks at the performance decisions behind their approach to CSS.

Lea Verou
Lea Verou noticed in the latest HTML specs that ‘slider’ controls have many cool features that aren’t widely implemented, so she’s produced a polyfill for one.

Christian Vuerings
A 17 minute talk looking at things like CSS modules, variables, custom selectors and tools to let you use them right now.

Frontend Masters  Sponsored
Learn how to build functional, reactive web applications in Angular 2 with a Redux inspired library, @ngrx/store and observables from Rx.js.

Frontend Masters

Chris Coyier
Used for ‘preformatted text’ like code listings, the ‘pre’ tag throws up some special formatting concerns you need to consider.

Jeffrey Zeldman
“We have creative directors and design directors, but we don’t seem to have any front-end directors. And maybe we should.”

Jake Archibald
At Render 2016, Google’s Jake Archibald stressed the importance of getting Web content rendered ASAP and some of the new Web technologies that can help.

Manuel Rego Casasnovas
Positioned grid items have some special features, explained in this handy post that’s ideal for any working with CSS Grid already.

Vitaly Friedman
A look at responsive design patterns such as mega dropdown navigation, content grids, maps and charts, and responsive art direction.


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