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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 230 — March 9, 2016

This week I’m on site at O’Reilly Fluent in San Francisco, so if you’re here, come say hi. I can give you some of our entirely-for-fun HTML6 (no, HTML6 isn’t real) and CSS4 (ditto) stickers to future proof your laptop 🙂
– Peter Cooper, Editor

Ivan Dimov
A succinct look at creating a Chrome extension that uses the Web Speech API to read out content upon the user’s request.

Shwetank Dixit
A look at the potential for communicating with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices from the Web browser. It’s a pretty elegant, promise-based API.

Claudio Holanda
Uses special data- attributes for its settings, but has no reliance upon JavaScript at all. The code is tidy and clever.

Wijmo  Sponsored
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A look at a tool, ZorroSVG, that can convert transparent PNG32 files into smaller SVGs (containing a JPEG and a alpha mask) that will work in modern browsers.

William Ferguson
An introduction to the possibilities of visualizing audio manipulated with the Web Audio API using D3, the data visualization library.

49 adds support for custom CSS properties. Service Workers become more powerful with the ability to reliably send data with background sync. And the ‘save-data’ client hint header lets you deliver faster pages to users who want them.

I think you need to be careful where you use multi-column layouts for text, but this is an introduction to doing it in most modern browsers.

A raft of new internet accessibility work by Microsoft will make the web user-experience for people with disabilities far smoother and more sophisticated.

Smashing Magazine
Cosima Mielke takes a quick look at a variety of ways to improve your Web typography and improve your readers’ reading experience.


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