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Issue 218 — December 9, 2015
Ana Tudor
The calc() function lets you use simple mathematical operations in CSS (almost) anywhere a length, angle, or similar number is required. It also lets you pull off tricks preprocessors can’t, such as calc(50% - 1em)

Daniel O’Connor
Someone watched all of the talks from the superb Chrome Dev Summit, took notes on each, and embedded the videos for you to enjoy too.

Emil Björklund
Rather than having a blank space while a large background image loads, you can show a blurred low res version then transition to the high res later. This is a very thorough tutorial showing how.

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Drew Minns
PostCSS, a plugin based toolkit for transforming CSS, is commonly lauded as being the next big thing in working with CSS. In this Smashing Magazine article, Drew Minns gives a solid tour.

Joshua Jenkins
A simple page that shows how every HTML5 form element looks on your current operating system and browser.

Provides a vocabulary for describing graphical documents for improved representation for people with disabilities.

At JSConf US, Microsoft announced that they will open-source the core components of Chakra as ChakraCore, including all the key components of the JavaScript engine powering Microsoft Edge.

The HTML Accessibility API Mappings (HTML-AAM) define how user agents map HTML 5.1 elements and attributes to platform accessibility APIs.


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