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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 217 — December 2, 2015
Adobe’s take on Web standards and the diminished role of Flash. Flash Professional CC has now been renamed to Animate CC and will focus on HTML5-driven Web animation creation.

Thomas Park
If you’ve felt learning about the Flexible Box layout mode was a bit dry, you might enjoy this interactive alternative to the specs.

Ilya Grigorik
With font-display you can choose how/if web fonts are displayed when the page is being rendered and while they are being loaded.

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A look at how HTML parsers interpret HTML and build DOM trees from it. Sometimes the order of elements is important due to changes in ‘scope’.

Ilya Kreymer
You can surf the Web like it’s 1999 with this interesting tool that brings together old browsers and the Wayback Machine. It’s slow due to all the interest but it works.

An interactive overview of mobile device integration APIs available on the web (and your current browser), where they work and how to use them.

Chrome DevTools’s ‘Device Mode’ will let you emulate a variety of mobile devices in the normal desktop browser making mobile Web development easier.


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