This Week's HTML5 and Browser Technology News (Issue 214)


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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 214 — November 11, 2015
eBay Tech Blog
A thorough look at eBay’s approach to accessibility using HTML5, ARIA, and a variation of the BEM approach to CSS.

Jeremy Keith
The potential of Service Workers has gotten Jeremy Keith excited and in an experimental mood. Here, he takes a code-heavy look at what he’s been doing.

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The formaction attribute forces a form to direct to the specified URL instead of the URL specified as the value of the action attribute in the parent form element.

Mozilla Hacks
Firefox’s special ‘developer edition’ is now a year old. Version 44 includes new visual editing and memory management tools, plus a WebSocket debugging API, which are shown off here.

Michael Fouquet
Some straight forward style and tooling suggestions for writing front-end code that’s ‘durable, reliable and would make NASA proud.’

Dean Hume
A demonstration of using a Service Worker to intercept requests for JPEGs and PNGs and rewriting them to request more efficient WebP images instead.


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