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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 208 — September 30, 2015
Chris Gannon
A well written and thorough tutorial that goes from doing illustrative work in Adobe Illustrator through to exporting to SVG and writing code to make the lamp ‘work’.

US Digital Service
Open source UI components and a visual style guide to create consistency and beautiful user experiences across U.S. federal government websites. They recommend using Sass, Bourbon and Neat throughout.

Steve Faulkner
With just 5 elements (aside, footer, header, main and nav) you can provide the understanding and navigation benefits of content organisation to users who would otherwise not be able to perceive it from visual cues alone.

Mailgun  Sponsored
Easy SMTP integration and a simple, RESTful API abstracts away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email. Scale quickly, whether you need to send 10 or 10 million emails. Start sending email now with Mailgun


Kezz Bracey
“You should learn what [PostCSS] is and how to use it ASAP,” says Kezz Bracey. PostCSS is a tool that transforms CSS via JavaScript plugins and offers a lot of interesting functionality.

BBC – James East
BBC iPlayer is one the most heavily used video on demand services in the world and they’re using the new open MPEG-DASH standard and Media Source Extensions to stream video to an HTML5 video player.

Franklin Ta
A CSS3 filter trick where you invert the colors and set opacity to 50%.

Mozilla Hacks
“Using a new specification called Subresource Integrity, a website can include JavaScript that will stop working if it has been modified.”


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