This Week's HTML5 and Browser Technology News (Issue 207)


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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 207 — September 23, 2015
Mozilla Hacks
WebExtensions provides a new way to write Firefox extensions, but the API is mostly compatible with Chrome’s extension API bringing cross-browser extensions a step closer. This tutorial walks through building one.

A variety of insights from Bartek Lenarth, an accessibility expert from Poland, on what elements of Web design particularly matter for the blind.

The MessageChannel, MessagePort, and CSS Font Loading APIs are enabled by default. A Cache API has also been implemented.

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Paul Irish
A list of the various properties and methods which when requested or changed from JavaScript will trigger a costly layout refresh (a.k.a. layout thrashing or reflow).

SwissJS 2015
Kicking off with a jazzy musical demonstration, Stephen Band leads into a 30 minute talk on working with user interfaces (both visual and hardware) for handling audio in the browser.

Microsoft Edge Dev Blog
A preview version of an ORTC API implementation is in the latest Windows Insider Preview release. (ORTC essentially provides a more programmatic JavaScript based API to RTC functions than WebRTC presently does.)


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