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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 206 — September 16, 2015
Christian Heilmann
The ‘template’ element lets you define ‘inert’ content in HTML that won’t be rendered or executed by the browser but that you can then bring into the DOM later. It works almost everywhere except IE and Edge.

Some 2 years since the last major release, Modernizr 3, a JS library that lets you detect the availability of numerous next-gen Web technologies, brings a lot of things up to date and over 100 new types of ‘detect’ have been added.

Jonathan Watt
Mozilla has been working on a Microsoft-led proposal called Directory Upload for allowing full directory uploads from the browser. Learn more here including why they haven’t adopted Chrome’s approach.  Sponsored
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Smashing Magazine
Heydon Pickering demonstrates using frames defined in SVG along with CSS defined transitions to produce striking and efficient cel-style animations.

The Polymer Summit 2015
Paul Irish demonstrates how the Chrome DevTools can help you understand where time is spent in your app and effective means of profiling your performance.

Google provides details on what they are doing to progress WebRTC and related internal developments – they also cover details on the recently announced Alliance for Open Media, an effort to create royalty-free video codecs.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is an increasingly useful and supported format for specifying vector and mixed vector/raster graphics. Tons of examples and code buried within.

Little Workshop
A well produced dungeon crawler game. Loads fast, good graphics, a great example of what HTML5 and WebGL can do when used elegantly. Must be good as I’m not into dungeon crawlers and it stole 20 minutes..

O’Reilly Media
Fluent is an annual JavaScript and Web Platform conference (which I chair) based on San Francisco. We’re looking for more great speakers for 2016’s event.

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