This Week's HTML5 and Browser Technology News (Issue 205)


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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 205 — September 9, 2015
Ashley Nolan
Analysis of 1044 survey responses on CSS preprocessors, task runners, JS libraries, and more.

Mozilla Hacks
CSS scroll snapping (available in Firefox 39+, partial support in IE and Edge, and in Safari 9+) allows you to control where to stop on an overflowing element when it’s scrolled.

Mozilla Hacks
A look at CSS Grid Layout, a relatively new W3C specification with limited but growing support (a polyfill exists, however).

Mailgun  Sponsored
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Miko?aj Stolarski & Tomasz Grajewski
Digging into the implementation of visual effects in Canvas-based HTML5 games.

Robin Rendle
The practice of guessing what users need so assets can be fetched ahead of time has been called ‘prebrowsing’ and it’s formed of several techniques which Robin summarizes here.

Chris Youderian
A look at creating SVG maps of any area of the world ready for Web use.

Create shaders with no code. Compose multiple shaders together.
Recent news is suggesting browser support for WebRTC without the need for plugins is coming soon.


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