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Issue 204 — September 2, 2015
Ilya Grigorik
A detailed look at ‘client hints’ (supported in Chrome 46) which lets the browser send extra hints via HTTP headers as to the sort of images it wants back.

Tal Ater
An offline first library that hides the complexity of using Service Workers and the new Caching API, and lets developers easily create sites that are accessible both online and offline.

Dudley Storey
Frequently ignored and often abused, these elements contribute greatly to creating a semantically and typographically rich page when used correctly.

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Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
While much of the initial excitement over Web Components has died down, the technology is still very much alive. This post summarizes the story so far.

Google Developers
It’s now possible to manage whether scroll positions of pages are restored or not when navigating back through history.

How content is displayed is important to its understanding, and so we ask much of CSS. This document covers priorities for new CSS features.

Robin Whittleton
A look at the varying behaviors of browsers when rendering resized radio buttons and checkboxes.

Paul Lewis
requestIdleCallback is a new performance-oriented function for scheduling work to be performed when the user is idle, in order to keep pages fast and responsive.

Google Developers
The Chrome team are focusing on reducing Chrome’s memory footprint this year. Addy Osmani explains what’s involved, what they’re doing, and how you can help.


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