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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 203 — August 26, 2015
Ilya Grigorik
requestIdleCallback lets webapps cooperatively schedule background tasks so they don’t compete with high priority or intensive tasks (e.g. input processing).

After a year of development, the first alpha release of Bootstrap 4 is out. Want to know what’s new? There’s an extensive What’s New post here.

Ian Lunn
For creating sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications. The example is really smooth. Open source but with a commercial license.  Sponsored
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Get more control over making text oblique using CSS3’s ‘skewX’ transform rather than being subjected to the default when a typeface lacks an italic font.

Forward 3 Web Summit
In a 35 minute talk, Phil Leggetter demonstrates what Web Components are, how to use them and the state of native support in web browsers.

Mozilla Add-ons Blog
“We are implementing a new extension API, called WebExtensions—largely compatible with the model used by Chrome and Opera—to make it easier to develop extensions across multiple browsers.”

After last week’s IAB news, industry sentiment to ditching Flash appears to be picking up. Also, “Starting September 1st, Amazon will ban advertisements based on Flash across its owned and operated domains.”

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