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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 198 — July 22, 2015
Help Net Security
A quick summary of Using HTML5 to Prevent Detection of Drive-by-Download Web Malware, an academic paper that shows how some HTML5 and related API features can be used to deceive malware detection systems.

Microsoft Edge Dev Blog
Microsoft answers a few questions on what they think about Web Components, will they be supported in Edge, and when.

A lot like the graphics benchmarking tools video card reviewers use, except for WebGL and in your browser.

Thinkful   Sponsored
Angular lets you build dynamic, single-page web applications from scratch that are so smooth your users will forget they’re still inside a web browser. Sign up online and start learning today!


Bills itself as a space for “everyone to discuss accessible web development”. You can also connect via IRC if you prefer.

Philipp Hancke
A look at a clever tactic being used to combat ad fraud that uses WebRTC’s ability to gather the local IP address of a user.

Open-source music notation rendering API supporting HTML5 Canvas and SVG.

Landon Schropp
A quick look at how Autoprefixer can rid your development code of annoying vendor prefixes.

Mate Marschalko
A quick look at how a gamepad was wired up to control a remote control car via the HTML5 Gamepad API, Node, and an Arduino device.

Some benchmarks showing how the latest version of the Edge browser performs against others. Good news; the Web is only getting faster.


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