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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 197 — July 15, 2015
The Verg
Alex Stamos, the recently appointed chief security officer at Facebook, has called on software company Adobe to announce an “end-of-life date for Flash.”

Léonie Watson
‘CSS Speech’ properties are intended to give content aural styling, but as it’s not supported in any browsers yet, is there a way we can emulate it with the Web Speech API? Yes!

Louis Lazaris
A followup to a previously successful 12 Little-Know CSS Facts article with 12 more random tidbits.  Sponsored
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Google Developers
Media Source Extensions (MSE) provide extended buffering and playback control for the HTML5 audio and video elements.

Sara Soueidan
A look at what was involved in embedding, art-directing and providing accessible fallback for an SVG infographic aimed at the Web.

Sudo Room
Being able to communicate with hardware from a page running on any browser with Web Audio API support opens up some interesting opportunities.

The Verge
The head of the Firefox support team tweeted that all versions of Flash Player are blocked in the browser as of its latest update. This is a temporary measure, however.

Smashing Magazine
You don’t necessarily need to use JavaScript to bring together styles based on elaborate queries. In pure CSS, ‘quantity queries’ count the number of sibling elements and apply styles if a certain number are present. Couple that with Flexbox and you can do a lot.

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