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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 193 — June 17, 2015
Mozilla Hacks
Nick Desaulniers takes a high level look at the concepts behind building an HTML5 game, as well as briefly reviewing Karl Bunyan’s Build an HTML5 Game book.

HTML5 Rocks
Ido Green looks at a forthcoming feature in Chrome 43 that will let you specify autocomplete attributes on form inputs. For example, ‘autocomplete=”address-line1”’. Includes a complete example.

Léonie Watson
A superb talk by Léonie Watson of the Paciello Group, an accessibility lead for the UK government, and a leading expert in ARIA and Web accessibility issues.

Mailgun  Sponsored
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A site that shows off the level of support in the main browsers for accessibility support for their HTML5 user interface features. Chrome is in the lead.

Taylor Hunt
A look at a variety of edge cases, quirks, and unusual applications of responsive images.

A simple and straightforward tutorial of making a simple ‘snake’ game using Phaser and JavaScript.

A spec defining a framework for exposing sensor data to the Open Web Platform in a consistent way via an abstract Sensor interface that can be extended to accommodate different sensor types.

Microsoft Edge Team
A look at the initial implementation of srcset in Windows 10 and the future of responsive images in upcoming Edge releases.


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