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Issue 187 — May 6, 2015
Microsoft has revealed the final name for its new browser, previously known as Project Spartan: Edge. SitePoint has a hands on preview, and some people think things are hiding in its new logo.


Smashing Magazine
Aaron Ladage looks at the HTML elements whose styling can cause even the best of us some issues: form input elements. “While not as fierce as battles of yore, input types are the cause of a new small-scale browser war,” he laments.

A new tool used to create hosted Web applications based on a W3C Web App manifest on multiple platforms using Apache Cordova as a polyfill where hosted web apps are not supported.

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Zef Hemel
A well recorded and intriguing view at bringing together a variety of HTML5 and JavaScript-based technologies to create a text editor. (40 minute video.)

A way to create menu-bar/tray-based apps using only Web technologies. An object called quark is exposed to access system functions. A Windows version is on the way next.

Mozilla Security Blog
“Mozilla is committing to focus new development efforts on the secure web, and start removing capabilities from the non-secure web.”

CamanJS is a JavaScript-based HTML5 Canvas manipulation library, but it can also change images using purely declarative HTML attributes on IMG tags as well.


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