This Week's HTML5 and Browser Technology News (Issue 183)


WebRTC explained, WebGL from the ground up, visual TDD, IE debugging, and more.
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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 183 — April 8, 2015
Mozilla Hacks
WebRTC provides a powerful suite of realtime technologies to the browser but the terminology and complexity can make it intimidating. Potch from Mozilla explains the key concepts clearly and shares a library that makes it easier.

A great attempt at teaching WebGL from scratch without drowning in OpenGL complexity. Also covers some of the 2D and 3D math required too.

A bridge enabling tools to debug IE11 with Chrome’s remote debugging protocol.

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Smashing Magazine
A practical look at an approach for defining the look and feel of a Web application in such a way that it can automatically be tested against.

Sam Dutton
A look at how to write clean, concise HTML with the goal of having it load more quickly across a variety of devices.

A spec that defines 2 mechanisms for communicating between browsing contexts in HTML documents: cross-document messages and ‘message channels’

Rey Bango shows how to use RemoteIE to test sites in IE from multiple platforms.


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