This week, James is joined by friend of the show Simon Jäger, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, who show us how to integrate the Microsoft Graph into Xamarin applications. We take a look at how to integrate with the massive amount of Microsoft APIs – using one single endpoint. This endpoint, called the Microsoft Graph lets you access everything from data, to intelligence and insights powered by the Microsoft Cloud. On today’s show we will take a look at a sample application called the Property Manager, that takes a complete dependency on the Microsoft Graph as its sole and only backend. Simon breaks down the code sample and give you an overview of a few important topics that went into building this native and cross-platform experience, sharing common code, and creating a great user experiences.


  • [07:00] Using the Microsoft Graph
  • [10:00] Property Manager Demo App
  • [18:30] Exploring Property Manager Code
  • [30:00] Investigating Microsoft Graph API Code

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