In this episode of The Maker Show, we’re taking a hands-on tour of the Particle Photon: a powerful Arduino-compatible 32-bit microcontroller board with built-in Wi-Fi that sells for only $19. The built-in connectivity and Particle Cloud make this board an ideal device for the creation of connected gadgets in the Internet of Things (IoT).
Here is what I cover in this episode:
  • Overview of the Particle Photon technical specs
  • Review of hardware accessories to extend the Photon
  • Getting started with the Photon: Setup & configuration
  • Hello World: Blinking and LED with the Photon
  • Remotely controlling an LED via Web functions and Microsoft Azure
  • Special word from the GM of the developers team at Particle
Reference Links
Particle Home Page:
Particle Store:
Particle Projects at
Sparkfun – IoT Particle Photon Ecosystem:
Adafruit – Particle Photon boards & accessories:
Microsoft Azure:
Azure Web Apps Documentation:
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