The Gamer, Creative and the Developer walk in to a Surface Book


I have been super curious about the Surface Book and its ability to handle three of the most taxing scenarios modern machines deal with: gaming, creative work, and development. In this video we set out to see how the Surface Book measures up to tasks traditionally reserved for the desktop.

  • [08:46] Gaming – Matt Gen spent some time with us talking about the awesome features available in the Surface Book for gamers (all while actually playing a game). I was completely surprised by how smooth and fluid the games were (he showed more than one to me but we could only show one here). Sometimes I don’t even bother with high end games on my laptop because of, well, yeah…
  • [19:17] Creative – Kaitlin, our editor extraordinaire took the Surface Book for a spin by actually editing a video in Premiere Pro *while* watching videos!
  • [25:15] Development – I decided to test the Surface Book as a developer by opening, editing, and running some unit tests in Visual Studio. The speed with which the Surface Book opened Visual Studio was seriously surprising.

I was completely blown away with how complete the device seemed and am actively looking for a way to get my hands on one. Enjoy!


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