There have been some earth shattering changes in the PC Gaming landscape recently. With DirectX 12 asynchronous compute, recently announced 10 core processors, dramatically increased bus channels and code that works across multiple cores, there now exist unparalleled power to take games to the next level. Watch this video and see what’s coming next.

  • [0:46] Intel made some exciting announcements with the Broadwell E. What’s important for gamers to know relative to the Broadwell E?
  • [3:36] Help us understand why a gamer with a great GPU will still want a Broadwell E?
  • [8:12] Where does Intel and the Broadwell E and DirectX 12 intersect? Why should gamers care and how does this compare to Vulkan an Open Source API?
  • [15:40] What are some key takeaways for our audience watching this video today?

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