In this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson we take a look back at the past year in enterprise mobility [00:47]. Brad and Simon discuss the new Intune console in the Azure Portal [06:00], the Microsoft Graph [07:13] and dive into the new console [10:00] which gives a single view across all of Enterprise Mobility and Security and, in fact, the whole of Azure.

Brad shows you the experience of creating a new iOS policy [12:04]

Explains the blade concept in the Azure portal [13:00]

Starts to manage apps [13:37] importing the apps from the Apple App Store

Brad breaks out PowerShell at [15:07] to use the Graph API to pull all the “Microsoft Corporation” published apps from the Apple App Store

You’ll see an exclusive first look at the Intune for Education experience [19:06], a new administrative experience created for education administrators. One of the unique things with education is that they always start with a group [21:00].

Finally, Brad and Simon then answer the burning question – when can you take advantage of the new features [25:46]

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