TechNet VC 2016 – Day 1 | TechNet VC 2016


Day 1 – Inspiring IT Pros

We know the world of IT is changing, changing at a more dramatic pace than possibly any other time in our industries history. As with any change, opportunity presents itself. It’s our choice to embrace change or shy away from it, if we don’t, others will!

The objective of day one is to get us thinking, thinking about change and how to embrace it. We’ve designed a half day of content, anchored by journalist Mary Jo Foley and our own Senior Evangelist Rick Claus that will address some of the hottest industry trends:

My career as an IT Pro – we no longer live in a world where a job is for life! Navigating the latest technology and knowing where to place your energy can be tough. At the same time CIOs recognize there is a talent crisis within the industry. We’ve asked some industry leaders to share their thoughts on careers and how they approach change and learning.

Security – A day doesn’t go past without the story of hack hitting the press or our government expressing their concern over cybercrime. Microsoft has the privilege position of partnering with government and organizations to respond to these challenges. Empowering every person on the planet to achieve more is what drives what we do as a company. This session will highlight observations and steps we’re taking in this area.

How does IT lead the business? Is your IT department a cost center or a strategic asset? As the role of IT evolves what does that mean for the department and the leadership of teams? The sessions in this area include thoughts on how IT shows up in business interactions with other departments, what does the evolving role of the leader look like and what can be learnt from other departments?


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