Today’s episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes Luis Vargas to the show, a Principal Program Manager in the SQL Server group, to talk about SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine offering available. With no slides and all demo, Luis jumps right in and provides a quick overview of the available SQL Server offering in Azure Virtual Machines via Azure Marketplace. He shows all the different SQL Server VM images of versions and editions in the gallery, including SQL Server 2016 RC’s.

At the 5:00 mark, Luis creates a new SQL Server VM to highlight the new and enhanced configuration settings and discusses some of the best practices for selecting and running SQL Server in an Azure VM. As part of the VM creation, at the 11:00 mark Luis highlights the new SQL Server settings blade in the Portal which helps simply many of the SQL Server configuration settings, including SQL authentication, Storage configuration, and backup and patching automation. The Storage configuration is especially interesting because it allows you to easily and quickly configure the virtual machine for specific workloads, including defining IOPS and throughput.

At the 21:00 mark, Luis demos some of the awesome monitoring and management capabilities in the Azure Portal including tracking disk reads and writes and all the different counters you can add to the graph to help monitor and troubleshoot not only the VM itself but SQL Server as well. Luis also quickly remotes into the virtual machine to highlight some cool features including Storage Pools, and then connects to that virtual machine from his local SSMS to show the great performance of the VM.

At the 25:30 mark shows SQL Server AlwaysOn and the ability to select and create a SQL Server AlwaysOn cluster right from the Azure marketplace in the portal and how easy it is to set up and configure. Within minutes Luis configures and creates a SQL Server AlwaysOn cluster, then discusses the benefits of running an AlwaysOn high availability cluster in Azure!

Great demos by Luis and we look forward to having him back!

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