SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services Entity Sync and Hierarchy Management


This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Brent McBride, a Senior Software Engineer on the SQL Server team for Master Data Services. Today, Brent joins us to show us what’s new with Master Data Services SQL Server 2016.

Brent begins the show by explaining and defining what Master Data is in SQL Server and how Master Data Services helps users manage their master data. From there Brent jumps right in and shows us the new features of Master Data Services in SQL Server 2016. The first demo is Entity Sync, a one-way and repeatable synchronization between entity versions as well as the ability to make a one-time copy of data. Brent also demonstrates model dependencies through domain based attribute which acts much like a foreign key.

Lastly, Brent shows us some of the enhancements to the hierarchy explorer. One of the big changes is the ability to see the members that don’t participate in the hierarchy via a new node in the explorer called Unused, and the ability move things back and forth between the unused and the hierarchy, apply and show many to many relationships, and also apply member security.

Great new features added to Master Data Services, so if you are diehard MDS user then this video is for you!


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