SQL Server 2016 Managed Backup


In this episode of Data Exposed, Scott Welcomes Xin Jin, a Program Manager in the SQL Server team. In this episode of Managed Backup, Xin shows us what’s new with Managed Backup. Managed Backup was introduced in SQL Server 2014, so Xin is here to show us what’s new with Managed Backup in SQL Server 2016.

Xin kicks things off by explaining the purposes and scenarios around backing up an on-premises database to the cloud, and then gives us an overview of the Managed Backup capabilities in SQL Server 2014. From there we learn the new Managed Backup features coming in SQL Server 2016, including support for system databases, simple recovery mode, customized backup schedules, and more!

Xin ends the episode by showing us some of the new features of Managed Backup!


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