This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes back Bob Ward and newcomer Bob Dorr to the show. Bob Ward, Principle PM Architect in the SQL Server group, and Bob Dorr, Principle Software Engineer in the SQL Server group, stop by Data Exposed to talk about the great improvements in SQL Server 2016 to allow it to “just run faster” out of the box. A fantastic discussion in this video sheds light on the process the SQL engineering team went through, the different SQL Server internals they looked at, current hardware architecture, and other areas to see where they could improve the design, fix and upgraded things, and also take advantage of newer hardware to significantly improve the native performance of SQL Server 2016. They provide several examples of things the SQL team looked at and changes they made to significantly improve SQL Server 2016. Great discussion with Bob Ward and Bob Door that truly highlights the deep and tremendous work over the last couple of years and how it has also prepared the SQL team for future versions of SQL Server. Great insight!

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