SQL Server 2016 Backup to Azure with Block Blobs and File Snapshots


In today’s episode of Data Exposed, Scott Welcomes Evgeny Krivosheev, Program Manager on the SQL Server team. Today Evgeny introduces us to two backup features in SQL Server 2016. The ability to backup to Microsoft Azure was introduced in SQL Server 2012, so today Evgeny shows us what’s new with backup to Azure with SQL Server 2016 including improvements with performance. The backup capabilities have been completely integrated into the database engine making all the backup features available.

After a quick explanation and introduction, Evgeny quickly jumps into a backup to block blob demo. He points out how security has been improved, and the new backup capabilities and T-SQL to make backup to block blob much easier and efficient.

From there Evgeny discusses the backup to File Snapshot feature, which relies on the SQL Server Data Files in Azure feature. The backup to file snapshot feature creates a snapshot of the your data files and then creates the backup off of that database snapshot, speeding up the backup process. Evgeny then shows us how awesome this is by backing up a 60GB database in less than 1 second. Awesome!


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