SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted


In this episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Jakub Szymaszek, a Senior Program Manager in the SQL Server team. In this episode, Jakub discusses the Always Encrypted technology in SQL Server 2016. Quite different from TDE, Always Encrypted, as Jakub explains, is the encryption of data not only at rest, but also in use and in transit.

Jakub explains that the Always Encrypted technology is not a replacement for TDE, but a compliment which helps provide the end-to-end encryption solution of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure such sensitive data or its corresponding keys are never seen in plaintext in SQL Server, even during query processing. Jakub breaks out a single slide to help provide a really good and deep overview of the technology, then jumps into a really good demo to show how Always Encrypted works. Jakub goes pretty deep in the discussion and demo by providing insights into the requirements and architecture of the technology.

This is a great video showing an awesome technology!


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