Ignoring the fact that my mic is hanging half-way down my shirt until it is magically fixed about 1/2 way through, this week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Saurin Shah to the show. Saurin is a senior PM on the big data HDInsight team at Microsoft and is in the studio today to talk about securing HDInsight.

After a quick overview of what Azure HDInsight is and how HDInsight leverages Azure Active Directory, Saurin begins at the [02:50] the security discussion by giving us a high-level overview discussion of HDInsight security and the “Rings of Defense”, ie., the features found in HDInsight that supply the multiple layers of security with not only authentication and authorization, but securing the data at rest as well as perimeter level.

At the [05:20] mark Saurin shows jumps into demo mode and first shows us how easy it is to create an HDInsight cluster and integrate with Azure Active Directory. Saurin also dives in to the Ambari views page to show how Kerberos is enabled and running and how to use Ambari to manage the Active Directory users.

Next at the [11:10] shows how the developers can log in with their own credentials onto the cluster and run the jobs as well with their different levels of access. Saurin wraps up the show highlighting an open source framework supported in HDInsight called Apache Ranger which provides the ability provide multiple user authorization and different level of access. Very awesome!

A great video on HDInsight security!

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