Refactoring Essentials, one of our favorite projects, continues rolling on with the release of v4 with a raft of new features and a new C# to VB Roslyn powered converter.

What’s really cool is that that converter, and the rest of it, is all open source, RefactoringEssentials. 🙂

Refactoring Essentials 4.0 Comes With Roslyn Code Converter

On Wednesday at //build/ 2016 Microsoft released Update 2 for Visual Studio 2015. Today, our @roslyn 1.2 compatible version 4.0 of Refactoring Essentials follows suit (I totally like doing useful stuff on April 1st).

We are proud that we now have crossed the line of 250 refactorings/analyzers and fixes for C# and VB, and we expect to extend our VB support via cross-language analyzers using the new IOperation API. However, before getting ahead of ourselves with futures, one more feature stands out in the 4.0 release: our Roslyn Code Converter.

It has soft-launched on the Web with a REST API (background information), and is now available in the Refactoring Essentials extension, where it runs locally:


Details of what else is new can be found – as is now customary – in the release notes in our GH wiki. …

Version 4.0

What’s New in C#

New: C# to VB Converter
New refactorings:
  • “Convert instance method to static”
New analyzers:
    • “Comparing equal expression for equality is usually useless”
    • “Issue in format string”
    • “Function never returns”
    • “Local variable hides member”
    • “Parameter hides member”
    • “Redundant .ToString() call”
    • “Redundant ‘unsafe’ statement”
    • “Member hides static member from outer class”
    • “Initializing field with default value is redundant”
    • “Redundant empty finally block”
    • “Static field in generic type”
    • “Type parameter is never used”
    • “Method with optional parameter is hidden by overload”
    • “Parameter name differs in partial method definition”
    • “‘for’ loop control variable is never modified”

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