With most new screens having touch, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple extension to Visual Studio that let you reach out and touch it? What if I were to tell you there’s not only one but that its source was available too?


Touch interface for common functions of Visual Studio

Download from Visual Studio Gallery


How to use it?

  1. Install the VSIX from Visual Studio gallery or build the source
  2. Launch the touch interface by double-tapping the code editor’s surface.
  3. Tap on the action you’re interested in to invoke it. Tap outside of the control to hide it.



I saw a popular discussion on touch interface in Visual Studio and thought this would be a fun project. All contributions are welcome 🙂

Please share which commands you’d like to use in touch interface, or even better, submit a PR!

Relevant bits of code:

See also

Voice Commands extension (VSIX) – Source for command names and code that executes them

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