Today we had Scott Hanselman, Kendra Havens, Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi, Kasey Uhlenhuth, and Donovan Brown in the studio and on Skype to talk about the challenges and rewards of speaking publicly.

Speaking Hacks:

Get involved in tech:

Scott Hanselman: @shanselman,

Kendra Havens: @gotheap

Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi: @ladynaggaga

Kasey Uhlenhuth: @kuhlenhuth

Donovan Brown: @donovanbrown,

Note: Mitch Muenster (@MobileRez) was scheduled to be on today’s show (and came up with the idea for the episode), but technical difficulties on our side prevented us from adding him to the show in time. We apologize for that, and will have Mitch again on a future show. You can also check out his previous appearance on the show:

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