You’ve got a Visual Studio Solution where you’ve followed best practices and separated the layers and features. The problem is that now you have about a zillion Projects. And you want to see all the build information or Project Settings. So you click/click/click, your finger falls off from clicking/click/click…

What you really need is an all up view of all the Project settings in one window.

Tom Englert felt the same way and so gave birth to…


This Visual Studio extension lets you manage your solution and project configurations in one place.

Forget about clicking through all the tabs in all the property pages – see all your projects and configurations on one grid.

Color highlighting let’s you verify at a glance if the configurations of your projects are consistent.

Initialize new projects by simply copy/paste defaults from other projects.

Need more info? Visit the project page for documentation, issue tracker, and source code:


2. Build Configuration

In the build configuration tab you can select the project configurations will be built for each solution configurations.

It gives you a quick overview of all configurations.

Unused project configurations that are no selected for any solution configuration can simply be removed by right clicking the selected rows and selecting “Delete”.


3. Project Properties

This tab will give you a quick overview of all project properties and whether the projects are configured consistently or not.

It gives you the possibility edit the raw values of the properties. However you should be very careful using this feature, because entering invalid values can make your project unusable.

Changes are written to disk immediately, and there is no undo yet, so make sure you have a backup or are using an SCM, so you can undo your changes if anything goes wrong.

This view is not intended to configure an empty project from the scratch, but to align all projects in the solution. It only shows the properties that exist in the project file, not the ones that are missing because they have their default values. Once you have configured one project to your needs, you can easily copy and paste the settings across the other projects using the context menu.

The values of the properties are displayed in color so you can see at a glance if the configuration is consistent or not. Same values will always have the same color.


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