Comments, love them or hate them, there’s a place for them. What if you could pretty them up? Make different comments unique, actually put them to work!

Today’s Visual Studio Extension Monday project comes from to us from Omar Rwemi, who’s done just that…

Better Comments

Better Comments is a Visual Studio extension that gives you the ability to customize the font and opacity of your comments independently of the editor’s font settings. It also adds four additional comment classifications, each classification with its own customizable foreground.

Supported Versions:

This extension was built using Visual Studio 2015 community edition, and it’s the only version I’ve tested it on.

Please feel free to test it on other versions and let me know, so I can update the description.


  • Additional comment classifications. Important, Question, Task, and Crossed.
  • Customizable foreground for each comment classification.
  • Customize the font settings and opacity of your comments.
  • Works with C#, F#, VB.NET, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, HTML, and XAML.
Comment Classifications
  • Use ‘!’ for Important.
  • Use ‘?’ for Question.
  • Use “Todo” (Case ignored) for Task.
  • Use ‘x’, ‘X’, or double comment for strikethrough (Crossed).

C#, F#, C/C++, and JavaScript



Multiline delimited comments (Works only in C#).


Custom Foreground Color for each Classification
  • You can set each comment classification foreground color to whatever you like.

  • You can also set a particular comment classification font weight to bold.

    Go to Tools => Options => Fonts and Colors


Independent Font Settings
  • You can change the comments font settings without affecting the editor’s font settings.

    Go to Tools => Options => Better Comments => Font Options

  • You can use whatever font you like.

  • You can offset the comment font size relative to the font size of the editor. Make it larger or smaller.

  • You can italicize comments.

  • You can control the comments opacity.


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And it’s open source too, omsharp/BetterComments 🙂

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