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In part 3 of their Windows 10 and App Compatibility series, Kevin Remde and “The App Compat Guy” Chris Jackson discuss the enigma that is the Edge web browser found in Windows 10. Why is it here, Why do we need a new browser and more importantly, will it work with my web applications?

  • [1:32] So the first question is “Why?” Why do we have a new browser? Why do we need a new browser? Where did Edge come from, and why?
  • [2:30] Is it really that much faster than IE? And how does it compare to Chrome?
  • [4:12] What’s the status of plug-ins? And what can we expect to see when that capability arrives in Edge in a future update of Window 10?
  • [5:48] What do I do if I have compatibility issues with Edge? What does Microsoft recommend if I try to hit a web application that was built for an older version of Internet Explorer and just won’t work properly with Edge?
  • [14:40] Before we wrap it up here, why don’t you mention some additional resources we think people should check out if they’re interested in more details?
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